Spencer, Joël, Roel, and Dexter are the current team members for this site. Spencer and Joël came up with the idea while walking the Jimmy Fund Walk and were instantly in love with it. After a lot of brainstorming and help from people like Mr. Buck (a school teacher with a talent for logo design) and Jake (who helped build the site), the dream came true. Joël and Spencer are responsible for the site as a whole whereas Roel and Dexter are the forum moderators. They helped the website become what it is and their talent as a flight simulator video producers makes them perfect additions to the team.

The purpose of this website is to share the best Flight Simulator videos on the web. By doing so, our goal is to eliminate the need to sift through your YouTube subscription box for worthy videos and instead, pay a visit to this site for all your Flight Simulator needs. We can then ensure that great videos are spread, giving a chance for upcoming video producers who may not yet have been discovered. At the same time, we want to provide quality tips on everything from special editing techniques to flying tips and even tips on hardware and software. We also have a forum where we can have a community of Flight Simulator lovers share their picks of “spotlight” worthy videos for us to share on our homepage as well as discuss editing techniques and anything Flight Simulator related.


The Team

Spencer1Spencer te Wildt
Position: Co-Founder
Youtube Channel: sjt375
About: Spencer, who is 22 and from Massachusetts, has been running the sjt375 Youtube channel for over 7 years and is studying aeronautical engineering at Purdue University.


Joël Bobe
Position: Co-Founder
Youtube Channel: JoelPB94
About: Joël, who is 22 and is from Massachusetts, has been an active simmer since the release of Flight Simulator X and enjoys challenging himself through the pursuit of realism.



Roel Lamé
Position: Forum Moderator
Youtube Channel: Roelioable
About: Roel is a 21-year old Dutchie who never stopped chasing the dream to fly. Finally after a few years he went to flightschool were he is still today.


DexterDexter Pun
Position: Forum Moderator
Youtube Channel: Dexter11929
About: Dexter, who is 17 and from the Los Angeles area, has been running the Dexter11929 Youtube channel for over a few years and is currently a student in highschool.

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